Our group is doing research in the field of bio-inspired and unconventional algorithms, deterministic chaos, fractal geometry, computer graphics, astroinformatics etc...

We are also applying all those algorithms on parallel platform

and have cooperation with Supercomputing center at VSB

(part of European centre of excellence, IT4Innovations)

We have numerous publications in different journals and

books, see below.

Conference organizations:

  1. BulletCISIS 2012

  2. BulletNostradamus

  3. BulletSoftProcessing

  4. BulletInternational Symposium on Complex Systems (Prague 2013, Florence 2014, Grenogle 2015)

  5. BulletPCO 2013, Prague

  6. BulletICAETA 2013, 2015, Vietnam, Saigon

Supercomputing center at VSB as a part of European centre of excellence, IT4Innovations

Unconventional Algorithms and Computing

Nekonvenční algoritmy a počty - NAVY