Nekonvenční  Algoritmy a  počty
Unconventional Algorithms and Computation

Unconventional Algorithms and Computations - (NAVY) consists of specialists and doctoral students focused on research and teaching in the field of unconventional computations and complex systems. In this field, we deal with bioinspired computations, cellular automata, fractal geometry, deterministic chaos, computer viruses, hacking, cybercrime and image processing in the medical field. We have research grants in the field of processing large volumes of data, specifically in the field of astroinformatics. The group also works in interdisciplinary applications.

What will we to teach you? The group guarantees not only research but also teaching. We guarantee Computer Viruses and Computer Systems Security, Biologically Inspired Computing and others that are now in preparation. We will teach you what computer viruses are, how they propagate and propagate, what hackers use methods and software, everything about malware, learn evolutionary algorithms, and see how Darwin's theory of evolution is applied to evolutionary hardware, familiarize yourself with algorithms simulating artificial life. You will learn to solve the problems that solve by brute force would take longer than the time that our universe exists. You will see the connection between computer viruses, artificial life, deterministic chaos and fractal geometry. You will learn and understand how fractal geometry has been used in computer simulations of air simulators or Star Wars films. You will learn to use this knowledge in both classical and very unconventional ways in interesting applications and much more.

Which of your subjects will you use in practice?The contents of our courses are not only abstract theories that must, of course, have to be found in the subjects, but mainly the practical focus and use of acquired knowledge in real life. For this reason, not only a large number of examples and exercises but also the ability to do bachelor's and master's theses in companies (Tieto, ...). Our graduates find work in the field of computer science, computer security specialists, graphic design and development in games and industrial applications.